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You know how I am destashing yarn and clearing out my closets in preparation for the move next month? Look what I took to the Salvation Army today:

Looks like a lot, huh?

This is what the back seat of my car looked like:

I donated 8 garbage bags full of clothing and shoes today. Some of these clothes are from high school! I'm so proud of myself for actually going through with this, I am making a conscious effort to curb my packrat ways. My clothing closet is literally half as full now, and I have 1/3 as many shoes. All of which is good, considering I never wore that "extra" stuff anyway!

Giving this stuff to the Salvation Army is good on so many levels that it put me in a really cheerful mood for the rest of the day! So I took advantage of that momentum and called around to a bunch of apartments, set up some appointments and went to look at a place that was surprisingly cheap.

Well, turns out it wasn't cheap enough! You will probably not believe it when I tell you (well, unless you've shopped for cheap housing in Manhattan or other cities, I guess!), so please prepare yourselves:

This 1 bedroom has a "water closet" with the toilet and sink in one place, and then the shower elsewhere. Not that weird, right? Well, take a wild stab at just where they stuck the shower. Ready?

The shower is next to the other sink -- IN THE KITCHEN! As in, when you open the accordion door next to the kitchen sink, that's the shower stall!

I laughed so hard (after I left the apartment), this would make an excellent episode of Seinfeld!

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laura andersson
laura andersson

May 24, 2006

giggle… reminds me of teaching at vassar and the odd basement storage compartments for some of the faculty apartments!
ps… love the idea of the platinum shawl!
with or without pearl bead trim?

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