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You know how no matter how many tools and gadgets you have, you somehow never have just the right combination of things when you need them? I somehow managed to lose all my t-pins, I'm sure they're all sitting together nicely in some logical location, but I'll be damned if I know where that is. Maybe they'll turn up in the move. In the meantime, I bought another box of pins, so I could finally block my Flower Basket Shawl. I finished knitting this on November 11! (thank you blog archives!!) It's about time. Right Shana?

Here's photo proof:

I took this picture with the flash, the so color's a little off. I used my trusty blocking wires for the top part to get it nice and straight, but then I had to use literally the entire box of t-pins to block each of those points along the bottom. Here's another angle, better for color:

The leaves shingle into eachother so perfectly, I'm really happy with how this came out! Here's a detail pic of the stitches:

I really love this shawl. I ended up doing extra repeats to make the shawl longer, since I had plenty of yarn, but I have no idea how many extra repeats I did at this point. I can't remember things from last week, let alone from 6 months ago! Suffice it to say the shawl measures 31" down the back, which is a great length for me. If it were any shorter it'd be more of a scarf, but any longer and I'd get it caught on things and it would end up dragging on the floor. (I'm such a clutz)

I realized last night that the Frost Flowers Shawl I started during the Knitting Olympics is almost the exact same color as this shawl. This one is slightly more burgundy, Frost Flowers is slightly more maroon . . . not a big difference. I maybe should have thought about that before I started the second one. That's what happens when you have so many projects going you can't even remember them all!

Speaking of shawls, I am going to a very formal party in June, and my dress is rather skimpy on top, so I'm thinking I need to make myself a coverup. But the dress is black with a crocheted and sequinned bust, so I'm not sure what style shawl to make that won't fight with the dress's detail.

First I thought a plain, lacy black stole would be best, but I am afraid of looking like I'm going to a funeral if I wear a floor-length black dress and long black shawl. The shoes I'm wearing are "platinum" colored (somewhere between bronze and silver) with pearls on the straps, so now I'm thinking of finding yarn in that strange color . . . any suggestions? If you want to get an idea of the dress, click here. The picture's awful for detail and I'm making a funny face (ok, that's reason enough to click, usually I cut my face off pictures like this!) but it does show just how "naked dress" the dress is. . .

I'd appreciate any tips!

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May 24, 2006

FINALLY!!!! It looks delicious! As for the stole, I would go with a shimmery yarn that coordinates w/ your bag and shoes. maybe silk…

Lorraine The Knitting Hammy
Lorraine The Knitting Hammy

May 25, 2006

My all-time favorite shawl pattern- that is totally doable is Kiri- which is Birch upside down- in the Kidsilk Haze- 3 balls and gorgeous.
There’s also the Kidsilk Night which has a bit of sparkle- you could add a few beads as well.

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