Be still my beating heart.

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Never let it be said that I'm not compulsive.

I worked non-stop on my new shawl today: on subways, buses and a cab, while waiting on corners, platforms, and lines, and even while trying to eat General Tso's chicken for dinner (I don't recommend that last one). I'm completely besotted. There's just something about yarn that changes color like this one does, it practically knits itself. Look how much bigger it is since yesterday!

I'm totally excited to have gotten to the bright pink section. The best part of this yarn is the little speckles of color as each band of color fades into another. In this shot you can see the pale pink flecks on the lavender part, aren't they beautiful?

Well, they don't even compare to what is up by the needles now. It's so beautiful I had to take a picture for posterity. Look:

Not like this picture does it justice. But take my word for it (and imagine how this image would look if I knew what I was doing with the camera), it's absolutely gorgeous. It is so pretty I have to stop every few stitches to look at it again.

It's Kogu-level gorgeous. There, I've said it.


In apartment news, the person whose place I was supposed to look at this morning "must have gotten the details confused" because she wasn't there when I got there. We've rescheduled for tomorrow. I'll be furiously knitting on my shawl in anticipation.

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