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A couple of weeks ago I started a very silly project that somehow is still interesting and fun to knit. A garter stitch scarf. Really!

Prism has come out with a new version of it's wonderful "Stuff" line, this time naming it "Neat Stuff." The biggest difference between this and other Stuff's is that Neat Stuff doesn't have eyelash and glitter, so you get lots of texture without so much glitz, which is definitely more my style. I bought a skein almost as soon as it walked in the door!

I'm knitting this mindless scarf on size 11 needles, with one strand of Lana Borgesesia Merino Sei in black and one strand of Neat Stuff in "Storm" held together. It's like going back to my knitting roots: the first project I ever knit was a garter stitch scarf as a gift for my dad. Of course, that project was in 99cent acrylic from Kmart, and now I'm a little more choosy in my fiber purchases . . .

I wanted the scarf to be chunky and warm which is why I'm using two strands of yarn held together -- the Stuff makes a perfectly good scarf on size 10 needles, and one skein will make a long scarf, but I wanted it to be THICK and CUSHY, so I added the super-soft merino yarn. The fabric it's making is amazing. I may just have to make another in a brighter color . . .

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