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We're almost completely unpacked in the new place, and what a relief! It always seems like no matter how much you hate moving, the actual move ends up being even more painful than you fearfully anticipated. How is that possible? Especially for someone like me, who has moved almost every year for the last 7 years!

Today I sold my car, got some artwork to fill some of the white space, got the last of yarn squirrelled away anywhere I could stuff it, and set up a bookcase and my desk area, which looks like this:

I seem to have built myself a little knitting/office cave.

There's yarn to the left of my desk, under my desk, and on top of the laptop. There's also room behind the laptop in that milk crate (unfortunately my decorating hasn't progressed much since college, at least not when it comes to cheap storage), which will eventually have the second printer on it (of course we need two, why do you ask?) once I get it from my old apt.

I stuffed all my knitting magazines into that mesh cube on the right (where the printer is supposed to go), with the ugly part of my knitting book collection on top (the attractive books went into the bookshelf in the living room). See my circular solution peeking out at the right? I think I've finally found a place for it that's both accessible and completely out of the way, and yes, that's where it's gonna stay.

But you didn't really want to know any of that, did you? The important part:

The knitting on my monitor is a new project I'm knitting for the store, using one of Classic Elite's new cashmere yarns, Romance, which isn't even out yet. I'm making this shrug pattern (go to the bottom of the page) which should be out within the next month along with the yarn. Let's just say this stuff is amazingly soft and the tone-on-tone tweed is gorgeous. It's a tough job I have, but someone's gotta do it!

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