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She just came in the mail and I've already got her set up, wearing an old skirt of mine and one of the first sweaters I ever knit! (which is a little wrinkled from being folded up all summer)

Adam thinks she's creepy and has dubbed her Beatrice. I hate that name, but since he's putting up with my "eccentric" behavior, I'm gonna let him have this one.

I got her off eBay for a really cheap price, so I was a little nervous to see what she might look like upon arrival. I'm happy to report that she's brand new, perfectly clean and her parts work. Brings me back to working as the visuals girl at J.Crew!

I am planning on taking new pictures of all the Chiagu patterns on her, to give a little continuity to the Chiagu patterns page. I'll still use pictures on people, too, before everyone starts telling me that it's not the same on a dummy ahem, Beatrice. I can't wait to put my current WIP on her as incentive to just keep on chugging along, seeing the project all the time, and on a person will definitely keep my mind from wandering as much.

Speaking of which, my mom's carigan lacks for only one sleeve! And end weaving. I even sewed the buttons on! She came over yesterday and tried it on, proclaimed it "good but the sleeve is too tight". Nothing a little steam won't fix! I can't wait to have this done and move on to something else.

Pictures of other necklaces on Beatrice as soon as I'm done with String website updates.

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