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Stormy sweaterdress

I love taking project photos on my laptop where you can't tell what the heck the piece of knitting is. In case you were wondering.

This is yet another new project, a sweater dress I started last week using Classic Elite Stormy which is a new yarn I've fallen madly in love with since it arrived at the store a month ago. It looks like a traditional donegal-type yarn, but then you touch it and your hands can't believe they're touching what your eyes see. It's ridiculously soft, as it should be since it's 100% cashmere and totally decadent. It's prefect for a sweater dress because it will be really light (in terms of pounds) realtive to the amount of fabric, because cashmere is so much lighter than wool.

I'm making this 30" to the shoulder so I really don't need it to stretch and grow out of shape, which is what would happen if you knit the same thickness yarn made out of 100% wool instead of cashmere. This yarn also has amazing yardage so it's only going to take 10 skeins (I hope) to make this very large sweater, which was a nice surprise when I calculated it. I'm almost to the armhole bind offs and I'm in the 3rd skein, so it looks like I'm on track to use 10 total.

I bought two other sweater's worth of yarn over the last 2 weeks, too. Navy Bunny, a new-to-us yarn for fall, which will be some sort of long pullover, and Trendsetter Kashmir in pink, chocolate brown and off-white which will be a little striped pullover with short sleeves (think polo shirt without a collar).

I'm feeling so guilty over all this buying, I actually started knitting the 2nd sleeve on my mom's cardigan! (shock of shocks, I know) I hope to have it completely finished by next week, finally.

I also started writting the pattern for the grey cardigan I showed a few weeks ago, which will hopefully be ready for sale shortly after labor day weekend. And after reorganizing my stash yet again, I'm now fully aware of just what needs to be done to get me back to a comfortable place with my little "problem." I'm going to focus on all the projects that are almost done, and reward myself for good behavior with working on the Stormy project.

And in non-knitting purchases, I got this bracelet for 50% off yesterday:


Charm jewelry is hot for fall (big spread with way out of my price range pieces in the new InStyle magazine) and I now have a bracelet to put charms on! I ordered a few charms (including some knitting ones!) from this site, can't wait for them to get here so I can add them to my bracelet!

Oh, and in the category of ridiculous thing I don't need but want to make, I've been obsessing over making elbow-length fingerless mitts over the last few days. Nevermind that it was 90degrees outside most of the time I've been thinking of them. I want them. I might break into the Koigu stash and sacrifice a few skeins to the cause.

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