Mondays are for errands

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I have Mondays off and usually end up catching up on all the stuff I wish I had time for during the week. . . when I don't end up spending the whole day on my couch, catching up on all the knitting and DVR I wish I had time for during the week, that is.

I've already had a very productive Monday, and it's only 4:45!

First I went down to Soho to the new Uniqlo store that just opened on Friday. It's huge! I wanted to see it because they have really cheap ballet flats that I'm crazy for. Unfortunately the store has already been drastically picked over, not only did they not have my ballet flats in black in my size, there wasn't a single pair of pants that I liked that they had my size in. There also seemed to be an overabundance of cropped pants everywhere . . . probably because it's WINTER and everyone who mobbed the place the first 2 days bought them out of sensible full-length pants in average sizes.

I had seriously expected to spend a bunch of money but nothing really spoke to me except this bag:

It was less than $30 and it has TONS of pockets inside. See?

I've already filled it up with all the stuff I carry around with me everyday. In the picture it's holding the front of my navy pullover, which is what I knit on during my subway ride to and from Soho.

I did make a stop about halfway home and hit the garment district for some buttons. I had a really hard time picking buttons to go with that brown and pink cardigan. These are the two choices I bought:

I first bought the ones on the left, which are the perfect color and size but I thought maybe the shape was too much to go with a cardigan that already has fair isle details and corrugated ribbing. So then I stopped somewhere else and found the second buttons, which I think are PERFECT for this. The only hangup? The second ones cost twice as much as the first! I couldn't believe it, the first set are shell and the second appear to be plastic. I was informed that they are "vintage," to which I replied, "doesn't mean anything to me!" I bought them anyway because I really like them, but it makes me mad that this second store is essentially ripping people off because the button is OLD. It's a 5/8 button made of plastic, there's no reason it should cost $2.50!

Anyway, I also bought blue buttons to go with the navy pullover (I'm going to put buttons on the cuffs and neck), and then I fell in love with these random buttons and bought enough for a future project. Isn't it cool?

These came from the first store and are twice as big as the others and only cost $2.00. The more I think about it the madder I'm getting. And actually, I just remember that last summer I ran in there for very simple red plastic shank buttons and they were really expensive and when I questioned them they said they were vintage, too! That settles it, I'm not going back there!

For the record the two good button stores I went to today are: M&J Trimming (of course) and Lou Lou Button, which doesn't have a website. It's on W 38th east of 6th Ave.

After the successful shopping excursion I came home and cleaned the entire apartment. One of the best things about living in a tiny apartment is how quickly you can clean it! I'm a very efficient cleaner and I was done in only about an hour! I wish it was that quick to do laundry . . .

The only other errand I have to do today is go to the grocery store . . . but that'll have to wait. I need a little knitting and blog reading break!

I hope you're having a successful Monday, too!

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November 13, 2006

ugh.. i can’t believe that they make you pay extra for “vintage”.. such a rip-off! if anything you should pay LESS because they’re old :)

ugh.. i can’t believe that they make you pay extra for “vintage”.. such a rip-off! if anything you should pay LESS because they’re old :)M&J is great though. i always go there for buttons and trim. huge selection!


November 14, 2006

I am so impressed with your productivity!

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