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This past weekend was a rude wakeup call about just how out of control my startitis has gotten. We had people over and there was nowhere I could stick all the yarn, no matter how hard I tried to hide it! Adam's pretty chill about the huge mess that is our living room, but I was really embarrassed to let other people see it . . . which led to a lot of serious thinking and planning. Which led to responsible knitting. And list-making.

Here's the List of Shame (again):

  1. Mom's cardigan -- final sleeve sewn on, minor adjustment needs to be made and ends sewn in. SO CLOSE
  2. Cascade/handspun pullover -- all sewn together, needs neck finishing and end weaving. SO CLOSE!
  3. Pink/brown cardigan -- one sleeve sewn in. Needs to be done soon.
  4. 2 projects for store -- one will be done tonight, the other needs to be done by the end of the week.
  5. Koigu cashmere pullover -- front is almost done. This one has to wait while the above get done, then it's next up.
  6. Koigu cashmere gloves -- one hand's done, must make myself work on the second.

In an effort to be a little less crazy, I've made some decisions about long-standing UFOs:

  1. The grey cabled and short-rowed project isn't getting finished. It's a cool idea but I'll never wear it and I know it. The yarn is great and will be recycled into something else.
  2. The purple Stormy sweater dress isn't getting finished. I somehow ignored the fact that I'm always hot when I fell in love with the idea of a purple cashmere dress, but I now know (again) that I'll never wear it. I'll be a cardigan instead. I can salvage most of the work on the back by ripping down and starting the armholes earlier.

I also have some pretty big goals in terms of website updates and pattern writting. I am really close to having several more patterns up for sale, some of which have been languishing in the almost done pile for way too long. I would ideally like to get a pattern up within the next week or so, then 2 more in the next month to 6 weeks. We'll see how that one goes.

Wish me luck.

Pictures if I can get them before it gets dark at 4:15 . . . .

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November 28, 2006

Aww, that’s not that long! But taking control is always a good thing.


November 28, 2006

I agree with Marina, the list could be worse. At least you are taking control now. Just don’t start another thing. No!

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