Almost, but not even close, to done.

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Knitted-on shawl border

I managed to get a decent picture of the Frost Flowers border! I'm not even 1/4 of the way through the first side, which means that I've barely made a dent in knitting this border on. This type of finish makes a really great edge on shawls because there is no bound off edge, so when you block it, the piece stretches in the same way all the way to the edges. Which theoretically makes it worth all the work to knit a 12-stitch border all the way around a shawl whose final stitch count you were too scared to determine . . . I guess.

Knitting the actual border isn't actually hard, it's a really easy to memorize pattern. It's not that hard to knit off one DPN onto the circular holding all your stitches, it's not that hard to keep track of whether you're supposed to eat up one or two stitches from the shawl. Really, it's not that bad.

It's just really, really slow.

The only thing keeping me going (and remember, this was started during the Knitting Olympics, so it's been "in progress" for almost a year) is that I really can't wait to block this baby out and really get to enjoy the lace. It's by far the most intricate lace work I've ever done, but it's not really visible right now due to the dark color and the tendency of pre-blocked lace to look like a giant lump. This is definitely going to be one of those projects I can really feel proud of and show off, maybe even close to the way I feel about Tramonto. I really can't wait for it to be done!

Speaking of which, did you see that Purly Queen finished her Tramonto? Hers is the first one, and I'm totally excited! It looks great, congratulations! Hop on over to her blog and tell her congrats on an opus of a shawl!

(and if anyone else has pictures of projects knit from Chiagu patterns, I would love to see them! Email me or leave a comment)

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