1 Super Bowl Party = Half a Sock

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So my Yankees yarn from Cabin Cove arrived on Saturday, just in time to be used as my Super Bowl knitting. Adam decided to have a party for the game, and while it was small by Super Bowl Party standards, it was huge by Tiny Apartment standards, and every available surface was covered with food and guests. So I knew I had to knit something compact and portable during the game, and decided to make a sock.

A football game typically lasts about 4 hours. And it typically takes me about 8 hours to knit a stockinette sock. That works out to half a sock per football game. And indeed, that's what I got:

Yankees sock

I spent the first bit of the game eating, but after that I didn't put the sock down. I got to the heel split right before the end of the game, and did the heel turning after everyone had gone home. I plan to make this sock my computer knitting so that it gets done quickly, unlike the last pair of socks I knit which took more than 2 years to complete . . .

David's yarn is AWESOME, by the way. It is by far the softest merino/nylon blend sock yarn I've ever used, and it is not nearly as splitty or stringy as most merino/nylon sock yarns tend to be. Plus, it doesn't have that crunchy feeling that superwash wools usually have, which was a nice surprise!
Have I mentioned how SOFT it feels? Everyone at the party yesterday kept touching it or the ball to feel how soft. I am really happy with this purchase and will have to keep my eye out for new yarn from him!

And I am very happy with how the yarn is patterning, too! In the picture above it looks like I'm getting one-row stripes of the colors, but actually I'm not. There are 6-8 stitch long stripes of colors, which swap every row, giving the visual impression of stripes (with a little zig zag action when they meet). The real surprise is the other side of the sock, though:

Yankess sock Back

There is a very obvious pool of white snaking around the sock. This doesn't really bother me, it's not like it's on the front of a sweater or anything, but if the second sock doesn't do something similar to this I'm going to have to figure out a Plan B.

For the curious, this sock is 64 sts on a size 1 needle, generic top-down pattern off the top of my head, with eye of partridge heels.

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February 05, 2007

I love when color pools like that in a sock. It makes it fun to knit and wear!

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