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New York Fashion Week has already shown a few key trends for next fall, the biggest of which (for us knitters!) is that there isn't as much knitwear in general. A lot of shows that were filled with knits last fall lacked a single knit piece this time around, which is a real shame!

There are some notable knits to be seen, though. First up is this futuristic pullover from Malo:

Malo Fall 2007 sweater

Malo is always a highlight for knitwear, but it's usually known for being reserved and classic -- this sweater is neither! My immediate thought about this sweater is that it's both futuristic/outer space looking and yet at the same time, it's cozy and maintains the previous theme of "protective clothing" established last fall. There is tons of grey in this collection, especially a marled, tone-on-tone grey that's somewhere between flannel and charcoal. There are a few other interesting knitwear pieces in the rest of the Malo collection.

Next up is a slightly similar piece, in a different neutral, from Malandrino:

Malandrino Fall 2007 Sweater

Catherine Malandrino is one of my favorite knitwear designers, she makes interesting, wearable sweaters every season that often end up being "the" sweater. This one is plain enough to actually wear, but with the exaggerated collar it has that little extra something to make it stand apart from the rest (I would not enjoy knitting that long collar, though). The rest of the show doesn't have much knitwear in it.

One very clear example of how much less knitwear there was in comparison to last year was TSE's show, which last year was absolutely filled with sweaters, sweater dresses and cardigans. This is my favorite knit piece from the show is this pullover:

TSE Fall 2007 Pullover
(I sharpened the image to try to see more detail but the original is too small)

I love the mixture of patterns, as if it were a patchwork of different sweaters. And it would be really fun to knit! TSE had several other knitwear pieces, and again, lots of grey.

And just in case you thought sweater dresses were SO last year, here's one from Michael Kors:

Michael Kors Fall 2007 Sweaterdress

I don't like the neckline (or rather, the lack of one), but I LOVE the sleeves and the subtle gradation of color combined with the traditional cables and texture. This show again had lots of neutrals, and beiges combined with greys, but also pops of bright electric blue and canary yellow, which in my opinion will probably be mostly over by next fall. See the complete Michael Kors show.

And of course, Twinkle by Wenlan showed lots of funky, chunky knits. She's coming out with a handknitting yarn line this spring, and a book, too!

Trends: Oversize is still in, as are neutrals, especially grey. Layering is still big. Scarves, both knit and fabric, were everywhere. Turtlenecks and oversized cowls/collars (again the "protective" theme).

For colors: Again, lots of grey and neutrals. Jewel tones. You can check out the Color Association of the US's Color Projections, and Pantone's here (in PDF format).
That's it for now, I'll post again when I find new stuff to share! And if anyone has a better picture of that TSE sweater, I'd love to see it!

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February 10, 2007

The whole fashion show/seasonal thing really throws me off. For instance, we’re deep in sweater weather, so it is difficult to process that the current fashions on the runway will be in stores for Autumn/Winter 2007-2008. I know why the cycle is a season ahead, but as a consumer, it is disconcerting. Thanks for the links. I always find Winter shows more interesting than the Summer shows.


February 14, 2007

very impressive posting this week!

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