Continuously surprised by New York.

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So I don't know what it is, but somehow I see or experience something new and weird almost every single day now that I live in The City. Take Saturday, for example. It was raining, and in the span of a 10 minute walk down Madison Avenue I saw the following:

  1. 2 supermodel-type women getting into a stretch limo, completely done up and wearing inappropriate shoes for the rain, while an assistant held an umbrella over them
  2. An older lady also very well dressed, walking next to her well-dressed husband, wearing a shower cap over her perfectly done hair. And not a plain, clear shower cap, it was a turquoise blue one with yellow polka dots, which she had placed just so on top of her curls so you could still see the nice hairdo underneath.

Then today, on the 10-block walk to get something to eat while my clothes dried in the basement, I saw a woman pushing a baby in a stroller. Under the baby there was another level to the stroller, and in that level was sitting a dachshund, chilling and watching people walk by!

Even stranger, as I carried my dry laundry up the outside steps of my building and put my key in the front door, a man who looked like a construction worker, wearing a dirty baseball cap and loose jeans, walked up to me and asked for a minute of my time. Thinking he might be a tourist needing directions (seriously, there are tourists everywhere in this city. I don't live near anything even remotely tourist-y but it wouldn't surprise me to see a tourist on my doorstep), I turned to listen to him. Only to have him ask if I was interested in "doing some catalog work" because he was "in need of a brunette." (I said no thanks, in case you couldn't guess)

I can't figure out if it's NYC or if I just notice things more now because I'm always on foot instead of in a car . . . but either way I'm continuously surprised almost every day I'm here. I wonder if I'll miss this craziness when/if I leave. . .

Sorry for the lack of posting, it's been busy around here! Thank you to everyone who bought my latest pattern and/or left comments, I appreciate it!

I have the next pattern almost ready to go, hopefully it will be done and available within the next two weeks. I just have to photograph it and give it a name . . .

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May 21, 2007

I know what you mean. We lived in New York in the late 80s to the mid 90s. One time, my DH and I were driving out to NJ via the Lincoln Tunnel. As we were crawling towards the entrance, a hobo came up to our window (which was slightly open). We were more than a little taken aback when he leaned against the window and yelled “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?!” We still laugh when we think about it.


May 22, 2007

Being on foot and not having to commute out of the city makes a huge difference as to what you notice. It’s quite rare to spot wackiness during rush hour on NJ Transit, LIRR, Metro-North, etc. It’s when you find yourself walking in a neighborhood at an “off” hour that you get to enjoy a man with a strainer on his head walking an invisible dog. You will miss it, but there’s always some sort of wackiness to compensate. For instance, I drove by a robin’s egg blue backhoe this morning with a “for hire” sign.

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