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I, um, started something new. Three somethings, actually.

The good news is (well, it's not actually good, it's really crappy but it ends well) that one of those projects is a complete and total loser and has been trashed already. The complete loser is the Twinkle cardigan from the current Vogue: I knit until the body was done in under 3 days (that's what happens when it's on size 13 needles, cropped, and you feel guilty about starting something new!), tried it on and almost passed out. It is ugly. So ugly I'd say it's UGLAY. And it doesn't fit. I think it's a bit too funky for my style, I should know better than to step that far outside my comfort zone . . . but it looked so cute in the picture!

That, and the failed fuschia sweater from the same issue, have driven me back to self-designed projects. I've lost my faith (again) in published patterns. Except . . .

I also started the Little Black Dress from Runway Knits. I'm using Twinkle Cruise in black and Addi Lace needles (SOO amazing, I'm buying one in every size! We ordered them for the store and hopefully they'll be in this week). So far so good on this one, but only time will tell.

Why is it that every time I throw down the gauntlet to myself to get some FOs off the list, I end up adding to the WIP pile instead of clearing out? Oh. Because I have no discipline. Right. I forgot.

AND I bought tons of new yarn these last two weeks. AND signed up for 2 sock clubs (how could I *not* sign up for the Sunshine Yarns club? I've been lusting after the Gryffindor stripes color for, like, a year). I've clearly lost my mind.

The good news is I am making progress: The Fleece Artist sock is at the toe decreases.

Revised insane list of WIPS, updated with some projects I forgot:

  1. Nicole
  2. My mom’s cardigan’s last sleeve
  3. Fuschia Aurora 8 cardigan from current Vogue trashed
  4. Orange summer top
  5. Frost Flowers shawl
  6. Kersti Log Cabin blanket (just needs a border and finishing)
  7. Katherine Hepburn cardigan
  8. Orange O-wool Balance cardigan
  9. Yankees socks
  10. Pomatomus hybrid socks
  11. Fleece Artist socks
  12. My dad’s Beau
  13. Stormy cardigan
  14. Coat in Soft Chunky
  15. Jacket in Forbidden
  16. Koigu pullover
  17. Cascade vest

I've decided to use Ravelry to keep a working list of WIPs and it's really scary to look at my projects page and see 4+ rows of WIPs . . . and that's not really accurate either because there are some that haven't been documented anywhere.

Like the new sweater I started yesterday. With some new yarn.

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June 20, 2007

Here I am thinking that I need to push myself to finish Nerissa, the Karabella Cap-Sleeved Raglan, the Retro Redux Shrug and Frilly Milly before I can cast on for another project… Ha! You are an inspiration for those of us with short knitting project attention spans.


June 20, 2007

You are incorrigible! You so totally crack me up. Finish your mom’s cardigan already! Don’t make me fly to NYC to get on your case (just kidding). It cracks me up that you signed up for two sock clubs. So funny. Are you turning into a sock knitter? (hmm, curiouser and curiouser)


July 12, 2007

My list of WIPs is long too. I stopped listing them on my blog – I forgot to list a few them because I such a bad case of startis that it seemed a waste of time, then I just quit. I can’t bring myself to post them all on Ravelry. Can’t wait to see the little black dress from Runway Knits. I can’t wait to get that book. But I’d better pace myself…I lost my mojo for a couple of months, now it’s back with a vengeance!


June 20, 2007

Just know that you are not alone.

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