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I've had quite the week. 2 days at the beach, then 4th of July festivities, then inventory at work, then friends in town from Cali . . . I am so behind on everything and I have no clean clothes to wear.

I have been knitting, though, and I'm proud to report some progress!!

First, I finished the knitting on the Soft Chunky Coat. I still have the finishing to do, but I'm calling this one done for now. It's not like I need a coat for another few months anyway.

I've also been working diligently on my WIPs, and I even managed not to start anything new!

Some proof of progress:

That's how much I got done on the Little Black Dress (LBD from now on) from Runway Knits. I knit the lace panels flat, then joined to knit in the round for the stockinette section. My gauge is a little wonky, I am definitely getting more rows to the inch than I'm supposed to get, but I figure it'll stretch when I block and wear it. I don't mind it being shorter than a dress, actually, I'll probably wear it over jeans more than by itself anyway!

Then there's the Koigu Pullover:

Yep, that's a sleeve! I'm at the sleeve cap shaping, which I had to rip out because of math problems (clearly not enough coffee had been consumed when I did the math). The body is already done, so after this sleeve I plan to seam the shoulders and the sleeve cap to see if it's gonna fit/work. If so it's smooth sailing from here on out, hopefully!

And last but not least, the other new project from last week:

That's yet another sleeve, this time in Sheep Shop 3 yarn (which is to die for, you should get some!). This will eventually be another Chiagu pattern, a pullover with a scoop neck and subtle Shakespeare sleeves (see the gathers?). This sleeve is also at the sleeve cap, but I think I'm going to put it on a holder and work up the body before I decide how the sleeve cap should go.

You know what just occurred to me looking at these three pictures? All of these are knit at 6 or more stitches to the inch! How the heck did that happen? The LBD is on size 3 needles at 6.5 sts/inch, the Koigu and the SS3 are on size 5's at 6 sts/inch!

It's a wonder I'm making any progress at all . . .


Updated progress list:

  1. Nicole
  2. My mom’s cardigan’s last sleeve
  3. Orange summer top
  4. Frost Flowers shawl
  5. Kersti Log Cabin blanket (just needs a border and finishing)
  6. Katherine Hepburn cardigan
  7. Orange O-wool Balance cardigan
  8. Yankees socks
  9. Pomatomus hybrid socks
  10. Fleece Artist socks
  11. My dad’s Beau
  12. Stormy cardigan
  13. Jacket in Forbidden (just needs sleeves)
  14. Koigu pullover (1 sleeve left)
  15. Cascade vest
  16. LBD
  17. SS3 Pullover

Hmmmm . . . somehow the list didn't get any shorter.

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July 07, 2007

Interesting how that happens (the lack of list shortening). I seem to have the same problem. g


July 08, 2007

I don’t think you would be happy if your list was shorter. I really don’t.


July 08, 2007

Ha, that’s too funny. The Koigu looks heavenly. How’s mom’s cardi sleeve coming? Got to get that finished you know!! ;-)

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