Cobblestone progress

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(sorry for the crappy picture, you get the idea!)

This sweater is practically knitting itself!

I'm making the second size, using Classic Elite Charmed charcoal. My stitch gauge is slightly tighter than the pattern, and my row gauge is slightly looser (go figure), but they're both close enough to be good enough. I've already finished the body to the armholes, which I shorted to be 14" instead of the 16" called for in the pattern which would have been too long for Adam.

Because I am no good at planning, I got to that point without having any idea how long to make the sleeves. My gut says that the pattern will again be too long, but I couldn't measure Adam and hadn't brought anything else to knit with me . . . so I improvised. The pattern instructs you to put the underarm stitches on scrap yarn, then knit the sleeves, put those underarm stitches on hold, and join all the other stitches together for the yoke. See the red yarn and those wing-like pieces extending out at the top? That's the beginning of the yoke, minus the sleeves.

What I did was put the underarm stitches on hold, then provisionally cast on the number of sleeve stitches (minus the underarm stitches) at each side. What I now have is a sleeveless yoke, so I can keep knitting the yoke as written and then pick out the provisional cast on, put those stitches back on the needles and knit the sleeves down. Still seamless, just a bit upside down! I've never actually done this before but I can't see a reason why it wouldn't work. And actually, it will hopefully eliminate the need to graft the underarm stitches, since I will be able to pick them up along with the ones from the provisional cast on. I'm quite pleased with myself, in case you can't tell!

I'm enjoying this pattern, it's well-written and really self-explanatory. The short rowing in garter stitch is ingenious and explained very well, although I'm not sure why there is short rowing so early in the yoke . . . I wasn't expecting that.

And knitting with Charmed has reminded me how great this yarn is! It's been a while since I've used it and I had forgotten what a gorgeous knit it is. Beautiful, even stitches that glide easily off the needle, enough give without being stretchy, wonderfully soft fabric. If only it came in better colors, I think this would be one of my favorite go-to yarns!

In other news, I finished the Mericash Hand Painted pullover except for weaving in ends. It turned out really well and is ridiculously cozy, I can't wait until it's cold enough to wear it.

Also, not at all knitting related but cute nonetheless, I'm dog sitting for this little guy this weekend:

Isn't he cute? He belongs to one of my best friends who is away for the weekend . . . you think she'll mind if I want to keep him? ;o)

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August 12, 2007

Cute little doggie. I would want to keep him, too. The waste yarn thing used to scare me, until I started knitting gloves. You sort of lose a lot of fears when you start doing that one. How is the sweater coming along? I’m interested in that pattern. Take care!


August 13, 2007

Sounds like you’ve got the Cobblestone all figured out! And CUTE pup! He looks like a friendly, cuddly house guest!

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