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There is no cohesiveness to this post whatsoever. I have been working very hard and been really stressed out (I have vacation in a week! Can't wait) and I've got too many projects on the needles and more lined up already . . . so I'm taking the easy way out and dumping all the thoughts I don't have time to adequately express into one post, list style. Sorry for the cop out.

  1. I have fallen irrationally in love with a little Vince cardigan. That link is to the cardigan at Bergdorf's, but I saw it (and tried it on!) at Intermix. It's the cutest, most flattering little baby-doll like thing I've ever tried on, and so cleverly knit -- it's one piece, knit side to side with lots of short rowing. I came *this close* to buying it but then talked myself out of it. Unfortunately the part of me that REALLY REALLY wants it is dangerously close to winning out over the part of me that is trying to spend less. What's really funny is that I have never bought such an expensive sweater before EVER, but I have certainly dropped $300 to KNIT a sweater in the past, without much hesitation. How does that logic work? I have no idea. But then again, I never claimed to be reasonable.
  2. I put on my tight skinny jeans today and not only was it easy to button them up (it's usually a struggle), the legs and waist were a bit big! How did that happen? I am blaming the stress and running around of the past month. It's weird to lose weight without trying or noticing . . . I didn't think I needed to lose weight before, but it's kind of nice to be the size smaller instead of being in between sizes like I've been for over a year. Who knows how long this weight will last, though.
  3. Thank you for all the suggestions on yarn subs for the Tangled Yoke cardigan. I was not at all surprised to hear that so many of you like Felted Tweed, after all I know I'm ridiculously picky when it comes to yarn. The reason I don't like it is almost certainly due to the alpaca content -- I hate alpaca, and I know I'm pretty much alone in that opinion, too! There's something about it that makes my skin crawl, the fibers that stick out have a certain texture that I just can't stand. I would rather knit with shetland wool than alpaca. Anyway, one of the suggestions was Silky Wool, and after finding it at less than $3.00 a skein at Webs I decided to try that. If it doesn't work I've lost less than $30, it's certainly one of the cheapest yarn purchases I've made recently!
  4. What's funny about that Webs order is that I also ordered one of the famed Colonial Rosewood circulars in the same order. The yarn was less than $30 but the needles cost $38! That's a weird, weird order. I'm sure whoever packs it up in the warehouse is going to think I'm nuts!
  5. I started yet another project, this time a lace scarf using Sunshine Yarns sock yarn. I have had this idea in my head for a long time, it plays with symmetry and asymmetry, negative space, diagonals, argyle, and I don't know what else. I'm planning a full scale post showing the steps involved in designing something like this and graphing it, and then the pattern will be for sale at Chiagu. I've already knit about 15" of the scarf and it looks like it's going to turn out just like I imagined (boy it's such a nice surprise when that happens!), but I'm not sure how long the scarf will turn out. Because of my crazy design this pattern will probably require 3 pages worth of charts . . . yet I wouldn't call it a hard lace pattern, because it's very visual. You'll see what I mean when I get around to making a proper post.
  6. I am still thinking about that sweater. If you go to the link above you can zoom in and see all the details.
  7. I made a lot of progress on Cobblestone, but that yoke seems never ending! I'm almost to the last set of short rows, I plan to finish the yoke tonight. I made Adam try it on yesterday and it's definitely going to fit. I just haven't decided yet whether I'm actually giving it to him . . . cuz of The Curse. We'll see.
  8. I also started something else, inspired by yet another expensive designer knit. This one is quick and clever and I plan on selling the finished item on Etsy if it works out. I bought supplies to make 5 of them today at the garment district, and plan on putting a tutorial up here for knitters to make their own. I figure I can cater to non-knitters at Etsy and to knitters here! We'll see how well that turns out.
  9. I tried to go to Downtown Yarns for the first time today only to get there and see that they're closed on Mondays. I checked their website before going, and it says they open at 12 on Mondays. What's the point of having your own website if you don't update the information? Really annoying.
  10. Can't get that sweater out of my head. It was even the perfect length, and the sleeves fit all nice and snug . . .
  11. The Little Black Dress has become my subway knitting again. I realized if I don't get cranking on this one I'm never going to finish it. I'd like to wear it to the rehearsal dinner for my friend's wedding, which is in three weeks. I don't really think I'll manage it, but it's a nice goal.
  12. Speaking of the wedding, I haven't finished their gift yet. I'm about a little less than half done. If I weren't feather and fan, and therefore so boring, maybe I'd feel like knitting it more . . .
  13. Babette is stalled while I finish the wedding gift. Somehow in my head Babette and the Ab Fab have gotten joined together and I feel guilty working on Babette when I haven't finished the gift yet. This must be why I almost never knit for other people. Good to know.
  14. Off to sketch that cardigan and work on #8 above.

I hope your Monday isn't as all over the place as mine has been!!

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August 14, 2007

A peek inside your mind!


August 25, 2007

That is a pretty $300 sweater. You should check out this site I saw the Corbusier Cardigan featured in O magazine – my guilty-summer-vacation-reading-pleasure.


August 13, 2007

You’re right, you are all over the place with this post, but lots of interesting points. I didn’t think of Silky Wool as a sub for Tangled Yoke, I will definitely look into it. I do not care for Felted Tweed either. Well, I bought some last year before I realized it had alpaca in it and returned it. Alpaca is not my favorite either. I got caught up in the hype of a luxury fiber, but really I don’t cae for alpaca. I find it scratchy or itchy and when knitting it, it sheds a bit and I find the guard hairs from alpaca to be sort of sharp and pointy. I don’t like it so much.

Congrats on the weight loss without trying, always a good thing. I’ll be interested to see your scarf design. I think I must go look at Webs now, arrgh!


August 14, 2007

Loved reading the post today because it seems so familiar to the way my brain has been running lately. You have so many knitting inspirations/aspirations and I think it’s a good idea you wrote it out in a list format, it is definitely something I am heading off to do right now. The Silky Wool sounds like a good option, I was just swatching some up last night that has been sitting in my stash for awhile and fell in love. Now I’m fighting not ordering more from WEBS, evil you. hehe

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