Sweater Surgery

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It's been a week of sweater surgeries both at work and at home. I had to cut the sleeve off a customer's sweater, shorten sleeves on another customer's finished sweater, and repair a hole in a 3rd customer's sweater (aside: Please cut knots out of your yarn as you get to them! You don't even want to know what this woman's sweater looked like and what it was like fixing it).

My own personal sweater surgery was done on Adam's Cobblestone, which turned out to be 2" too short. There was no way I was ripping out the yoke to lengthen the body, so I decided to cut off the bottom garter stitch and knit 2" onto it, then graft it all back together. I photographed it all and made a tutorial, which I've added the Chiagu Resources page (meager though it is so far).

Hope you find it useful, although I sincerely hope you'll never need it!

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December 02, 2007

Thank you for the tutorial. It is clear and will come in useful—-esp with children who get taller more than wider as they grow—one can use this to save a favorite sweater.

After I read this tutorial, I read you cast on discussion and I loved that even more. have always felt somehow lacking that the special knit/purl cast on for ribbing seemed to tedious. My only reservation with long tail cast on was so often having too long or too short a tail, esp when I was worried about having enough yarn for a project. Using both ends of the ball is brilliant.

Sandy C

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