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Thanks, everyone, for your good wishes. I'm very excited and already knee-deep in planning. We're aiming for a July wedding, so I don't have that much time to waste . . . luckily I'm a very decisive person so it's not too hard for me to make a decision and move on, I've already got many of the key elements worked out, but the major one (location) is still up in the air. I have appointments at 3 possible venues on Sunday, and hopefully one of those will work out and then everything else should fall into place . . . that is until the next thing my mother and I get in a fight about. Cuz you know that's gonna happen, again (yes we've already had a few fights, and it's only been 5 days of wedding planning so far!).

As usual, I have no time for anything, and now everything has taken a backseat to planning. Once I'm over this initial crunch I plan to show you lots of finished knitting, but for now I'll just make a quick list:


  1. Herringbone mitts
  2. Pomatomus hybrid socks
  3. Anne pullover
  4. Cobblestone
  5. Koigu shawl
  6. Twinkle test knitting project (thanks for lighting a fire under my butt, Anne!)
  7. Scarf for Adam's mom
  8. Headigan hat
  9. Tanglewood pullover
  10. Dolce cardigan


  1. Babette
  2. Koigu Cashmere gloves
  3. New lace scarf

I'm trying REALLY hard not to start anything new or buy any new yarn for the next few weeks (maybe even months, depends on how much of a dent I make in the stash). I went a bit out of control this year . . . and I'm dreading having to move all this to our new place once our lease is up in July. Got to plan that far ahead if you're the kind of stasher I am!

Stay tune for pics and project info, hopefully within the next few weeks!

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December 22, 2007

July wedding, wow, you guys move fast! :-) You’ve finished up a lot of projects, can’t wait to see some pics of them when you have time, of course.

Try not to argue too much with your mom, she can’t help it. She just wants everything to be perfect.

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