100% seasonally-inapropriate knitting

Posted on June 12, 2008 by knittingpatterns4you | 1 Comment

The other day I found myself without any mindless knitting close at hand, and after digging around in the projects pulled up my nearly finished Bubble Pullover. I had sewn it together, knit the bottom band, and then mysteriously put it away lacking for only a neckband. Now it looks like this:

Funny how little work it takes to get almost done with a project if you put it away 99% finished anyway!

Unfortunately, this is about the least useful item I could be working on right now . . . after a few days that reached almost 100 degrees, the weather settled down into the seasonable 80's, which is still WAY too hot for a cashmere pullover. It's a good thing sweaters keep until the winter!

I actually already bought buttons which match the color of the sweater almost perfectly, so all that remains to be done now is weave in the ends, block, and sew on the buttons. I plan to wet block the finished sweater both to soften the yarn up even more (it's really amazing what some shampoo and conditioner does for cashmere, you should try it sometime!) and to hopefully block the body a bit wider than it currently is -- the strange shape of the armholes means that they're a little uncomfortable as they sit right now, but adding about 1" of ease should hopefully fix that right up by moving the armholes out from the shoulders a bit. I'm also planning to block the bottom rib a bit looser, because even though this is a "bubble" shaped sweater I don't really like the look of the ribbing being skin-tight around my hips.

Of course in the meantime I had to start yet another mindless project . . . and it's actually another cashmere sweater! Knit in the round in stockinette so it's absolutely perfect mindless knitting, and this one is actually due next month, so it feels much less silly to be working on. Well, it's about as un-silly as knitting cashmere under the air conditioning unit is ever likely to get, anyway.

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June 13, 2008

Funny thing is I just got my wool to start the bubble sweater for PS3:Air. I intend to start this week sometime. Here is hoping that the nice weather the NW is having is a fluke. Stay cold for me and my wool!

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