Does the weather know?

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I realize this is silly, but sometimes it seems like the weather gods see what I'm knitting and react accordingly. Two weeks ago the weather got rather cold, rather fast. I gave up and broke out my winter coat even! It caused me to finally start making myself a pair of Dashing mitts, which I've been wanting to make FOREVER. I dug out some leftover Embrace cashmere and went to town, finishing the firs mitt in just one day:

The second one took a bit longer, and I still haven't woven in the ends . . . but that's OK because the weather's supposed to be in the 50's all week. Hardly mitten weather!

I also started a pair of socks last weekend, using some Koigu I dug out of the stash (and forgot to save the label for, so don't ask me what color it is! I have no idea!):

(these are much further along now, almost to the heel)

This color kills me. I stare and stare and stare, yet every time I look it seems like another color I had never seen pops up! It's predominantly brown and purple, but there are SO MANY colors in there making up the overall picture that it's impossible to say exactly what they all are.

I am, as usual, awed and amazed by Koigu's talent. In my opinion, there's no one who can hold a candle to them! And no, they don't pay me to say that . . . they dont' even send me free yarn or anything. ;o)

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