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Posted on January 05, 2009 by knittingpatterns4you | 2 Comments

One of my "resolutions" for this year, which are really more like intentions, is to go back to talking about knitting on this blog. I'm still going to talk about food, but hopefully it'll be more like two thirds knitting, one third food from now on. In that interest, here's a new toy I bought myself in December:

It's the new Addi Click interchangeable needle set! I knew I needed this the second I found out it existed. I didn't even want to know the specifics, I just knew I had to have it. With that in mind I called String and preordered it, and when it came in I ran over there to pick it up. String seemed to have plenty of them in stock when I was there, if you're looking for your own set. Here's the Click page on their website.

When I actually picked it up and looked, I was surprised at the sheer SIZE of the packaging -- honestly, I don't know what they were thinking making the package this gigantic. It's as big as a hardcover book! I also hadn't paid much attention to the needle sizes offered, and I personally wish it weren't 5-15, I would have rather had the biggest size be like an 11 . . . but I'm assuming they did it this way based on the sizes that sell the most? Or maybe the smallest needles couldn't be converted to the Click system? Who knows.

I tried the set out the other day on a new project (more on that later, it's almost finished already!) and the first time I tried to connect the cord to the needle it was REALLY HARD. I think you need to practice a bit to learn the "feel" of it, because after fumbling around feeling like I had 3 thumbs it all of a sudden became so EASY, I couldn't believe it! Once I had the needles connected I happily knit along without any problem at all, the needle stayed connected and the cord is absolutely wonderful -- and I love that it's blue, cuz I'm silly about those sorts of things! Remember how excited I was for the red cord on the Lace Turbos?

When I was finished knitting with the needle I easily took it apart and stored it back in its gargantuan case. So nice to have things in order and put away where they belong! Although I'm going to have to fashion a new case for this set, one that's small enough to actually be USEFUL . . .

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January 05, 2009

I just got the set for Christmas from my sister and her bf. I had no problem attaching the needles to the cord. I am currently knitting a blanket and was so mad when the cord came off the needle! I lost about half the stitches. I guess I need to be more gentle when I move the stitches as I am knitting in the round.


January 05, 2009

Oh yeah, I was surprised at the size of the case, too. Way too big.

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