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You may have noticed a lot of things moving around and just plain looking different around here lately. I've been trying to redesign a lot of the site and move stuff around to make it more logical, and for once I actually sat down to plan everything out so it all makes sense together, instead of working on different parts of the site independently of eachother.

One of the big changes you may have noticed is that this blog no longer shows up with my blog name "Knotology" but rather with my business name "Chiagu" -- the conent will remain the same, this will always be my personal blog where I sometimes talk about the business, but as part of my reorganization project I've changed lots of things around, and now the blog doesn't show its name anymore. I haven't decided yet whether to "officially" change the blog name and I may never do so, but now you know why this feed suddenly changed names from "Knotology" to "Chiagu"!

Speaking of feeds, if you were using any other feed for my blog OTHER THAN the Feedburner feed, it likely no longer works because of the stuff I changed around. The link at the top of this and every other page on the site links to the correct RSS feed, but here's the link easily so you don't have to click anywhere:

I also decided to start posting the entire content of my posts in my feeds, instead of just the snippets I used to have. I've added more feed functionality, too, my favorite of which is the ability to comment on or email a post directly from the feed. I'm focusing on usability and functionality above all else, and will probably be completely redoing the current shopping cart sytem (I am really sick of Payloadz!). One more thing: If you're reading this through a reader, I've added Google ads to the bottom of the posts . . . I hope they don't bother anyone, they're currently there on a test basis and I may not keep them, but Wendy's had them for so long I thought I'd give them a try, too!

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