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Posted on May 06, 2009 by knittingpatterns4you | 1 Comment

Spent the last 5 days sick and miserable in a variety of different ways, but I'm so relieved it's over I don't even want to think about it or tell you what I had. Yesterday was my first full day at work since WEDNESDAY of last week, and I do NOT take sick days lightly!

Strangely enough, Arnold's been kind of sick as well . . .

I'd love to blame the horrible London-ish weather we've had lately, but I started feeling sick before it started and got better even though the weather hasn't improved, so that really can't be it . . . even though I'm definitely sure it made things worse.

Been thinking a lot about what other improvements to make to this website, and I think I've decided to split off the cooking content into its own blog and keep this URL just knitting-centric. Any thoughts about that one way or the other?

I even already have a name for my potential new cooking blog . . . but it's a secret until I actually make the site! Although if/when I decide to actually do it, it's gonna be a quick build since I'm definitely using the Thesis theme again (that's what runs this entire website now), it's beyond awesome and worth every penny! One day I'll do a post on what I've customized with Thesis . . . hum, wonder which blog I'd post that on if I have two of them by then??

Also, I did get some work done on the Leila pattern and am at the point where the shawlette size shawl can be test knit by me before sending it out to testers -- FINALLY! With any luck I'll have it out to the testers next week. If anyone else wants to take a crack at it before it goes out in full release, let me know! The shawlette size is quick and easy to knit and only takes one pair of socks' worth of yarn!

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May 10, 2009

I hope you are feeling better! And I am getting a little old to bounce :)

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