Back from Vermont!

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This is what the view out our B&B window was like this weekend:

It was pristine and gorgeous. And remote. No cell phone reception up there, and no stores open after 6pm! As many dirt roads as paved roads. Significantly fewer street lights than either type of road . . .

The wedding was beautiful and we're so happy for our friends. But what a long drive! I had no idea how far away Vermont is from NYC, it doesn't seem that far when you look at a map! The idea that in that much time I could have flown to California is just crazy. The ride home was especially brutal since we hit Sunday evening traffic coming into the city. It was definitely too far away to go for just the weekend! I'm definitely happy I went so that I could be there to see them get married, though.

All you knitters reading this must be thinking about all the knitting I should have gotten done on the 6+ hours each way in the car, right? Well, I'm sorry to say I got almost no knitting done at all. The first set back was this:

When I went to pack up the Luluzinha shawl to put in my bag, I found it on the floor in a giant yarn tangle. Arnold had somehow pulled it down from the coffee table and had made a huge rat's nest out of the yarn, AGAIN. This particular shawl has been mangled multiple times by the little rascal. Untangling yarn isn't that big a deal (and I almost kind of like it somehow), but when I saw this needle tip? I was furious! He ruined one of my Addi Turbos! My babies! I still can hardly believe his little jaw is strong enough to dent an Addi, it's not like this is some flimsy aluminum Susan Bates needle or something!

Luckily I quickly found another size 6 needle in my knitting mess (I really need to clean up that knitting corner, I can't find anything anymore!) and stuck it in my bag. I spent the first "knitting" hour untangling the yarn and putting the needle back into the knitting. Then I got maybe another hour's worth of work done before I got carsick and had to stop.

Once we settled into the Bed and Breakfast (I always type "Bread and Breakfast" when I write that!) I pulled out my knitting and worked on it on the porch for a while, only to find a HUGE mistake about half a skein back. I tried to convince myself that I could leave it in, but as usual my compulsive side won out and I ripped out a whole bunch of the shawl. AGAIN. Then I was so annoyed I didn't even want to look at it anymore.

On the ride home yesterday I had to drive about half the time, so I didn't have nearly as much knitting time . . . and I got almost nothing done. All in all, a weekend away with 12+ car hours resulted in negative knitting progress! So depressing. Hopefully I'll be able to make up for it this week . . .

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