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Boy & Girl baby blanket

I finished the boy version of the Soneca baby blanket on Sunday! I like how it came out and it turned out that I did have enough blue to crochet a sc border after the bind off. I think that little touch of blue in spots looks kind of nice, what do you guys think?

I've given up on the idea of trying to lighten the color of this blanket, I decided I'll just wait until someone "alternative" has a baby and gift it to them. Knitting this design twice in such drastically different yarn really showed me how much the finished item is affected by the yarn content. The Dream in Color Classy versions is soft, light, and drape-y. The All Season's Cotton feels much heftier and sturdier, even though it doesn't actually weigh very much more (in terms of pounds, the ASC version is maybe 3 oz heavier). While the ASC is not as soft as the Classy, it's definitely soft enough, and I know it'll get softer with washing and wearing. I think either yarn is a wonderful choice for a baby item!

That said, knitting with the Classy is exponentially more fun than knitting with the ASC. The Classy bounces as you knit and slides right off the needles. The ASC on the other hand feels a lot like knitting with fleece and it sticks to the needles! I used the same pair of Addi's for both blankets so I know for sure that it was only the yarn that changed. I also found that knitting with the ASC for extended periods of time hurt my hands, while I was able to knit with the Classy for days on end with no problem . . . but that makes sense given how springy and wonderful Merino is to knit with! There's a reason it's my favorite fiber after all . . .

And speaking of blankets, here's a sneak peek of something else I wrapped up on Sunday:

Full details later, that opus deserves its own post!

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September 17, 2009

The blankets are terrific. Can’t wait to see the cable blanket. Looks great!


September 16, 2009

congrats, they are awesome blankets!!

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