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Sorry for being MIA but I've been going through some rough stuff the last few weeks and I just didn't feel like talking about knitting. I did finish the cabled cowl and will be offering the pattern up for sale as soon as I have the energy to do the work and have a photoshoot. It came out gorgeous and I've been wearing it every time the weather warrants it! I say it that way because today it's supposed to get up to 72 . . . and just a few days ago it was in the 30s! This sure is some crazy weather, but we should be used to it by now considering the summer we had.

I've been making progress on the Koigu scraps project too, see how long it is now!

I think it's about 4 feet long at the moment, but you wouldn't know it from looking at the yarn pile! I haven't even gone through HALF the stash. It's amazing how far Koigu goes! Whatever this turns out to be, when it's done I'm going to weigh it on my scale to figure out how many balls went into it. It'll be really interesting to know how much all those scraps added up to!

I didn't mean to take that picture in the windowsill, but this is what happened the second I put the project on the couch. Arnold loooooves the knitting, which is kind of cute and all, but makes me really nervous! He's been known to chew up knitting needles and I've lost 2 pairs of size 5 circs already. Anytime he's near the knitting I have to watch him like a hawk because he goes from laying peacefully one second to attacking the next! It's really sweet when he snuggles in for a nap though, sometimes I'll find that he's pulled one of my sweaters off the table and is asleep on top of it. I guess he inherited the love of wool from his momma!

Last but not least, I also started another pair of socks. I know I shouldn't because I have so many partially-completed pairs, but I couldn't help myself. Seems like if there's a set of size 1 dpns empty, I just have to fill them up! This yarn is Jojoland's Kaleidoscope in a sort of depressingly-dark shade of purple and brown (it's way darker than the picture, which is blown out by the flash of course). I'm knitting these toe-up on 60 sts around and am doing a rib starting after the toe. These are just mindless knitting to have on hand when I need it . . . which has been often lately.

With winter coming (at least I think it is! Judging on today, it's hard to know for sure) I'm starting to think about socks more and more. It may be time to dig into those almost-finished socks and get a few pairs done before I actually need them!

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October 22, 2009

Hope everything is ok (or at least improving). Good to have you back!


October 23, 2009

can’t wait to see that cowl!! hope things are improving.


October 24, 2009

sending you all good wishes :-)

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