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Last weekend I drove out to Modern Yarn to visit their shop for the first time. I'd met the ladies there a few times before at Stitches events but I'd never made it out to actually look at the store. When I googled it to get directions I was surprised to find they'd recently moved! I have no idea how the new shop compares to the old one but I was kind of disappointed in it. There wasn't much stock and it felt sort of cold and uninteresting. I don't mean the PEOPLE, the woman who was working at the time greeted me immediately and then let me browse in a perfectly welcoming and appropriate way . . . I guess I just was expecting more from the store based on what I had seen from their Stitches booths? Who knows, maybe I'm being too harsh, I can't tell.

In any case, they did have one thing that excited me: Madelinetosh! I so rarely see this yarn in real life that when I do I get really excited and pretty much have to come home with something. What you see above are the two skeins I ended up with. On the left is Tosh Lace in the color Vermillion and on the right is Tosh Sock in Duchess. They're both stunning! It wasn't until I got home that I realized the Lace is kind of similar to the color of the Malabrigo Lace that I made Leila out of not that long ago . . . apparently I can buy laceweight in no other color. Weird, huh?

I'm planning a very geometric shawl design featuring diamonds for the laceweight, but I have no idea what the sock yarn will become. Considering how many other skeins of sock yarn there already are in my sock yarn stash, this should come as no surprise to anyone! For now I'm leaving these beauties sitting out on the table so that I can admire them every time I walk past. They look gorgeous in the sun streaming in through the window, and even though they blew out the picture above, I just had to shoot it that way because that's the way I'm looking at them in real life right now. So pretty!

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November 07, 2009

Madeleine Tosh is such a gorgeous yarn! FYI – I bought some Mad Tosh sock at Knitty Citty, which is a lot closer to you and has lots of yarn. I’m just here to help :-).

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