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I think I'm at the point now where I get more excited for a new issue of Twist Collective than for a new issue of IK or VK. I guess that makes sense given the sheer talent included in those pages, but also from a practical perspective, Twist Collective is the perfect magazine for me because you only buy the patterns you're interested in! I don't knit from published patterns all that much anyway so it's nice to be able to just buy the one I want instead of a whole print magazine I then have to store somehow . . .

In this issue my favorite thing is the article on double knitting (not that it really matters, but I'm constantly wierded out by what the Twist URLs look like. Check out that doozie!). I understand the basic concept of double knitting but haven't really explored it much, and now I have all sorts of ideas I want to try out! The design that goes along with this article is a reversible hat named Four Winds by Alasdair Post-Quinn, which quite cute:


The fit on the hat seems kind of weird but that may just be because of the model's hair, hard to tell. I totally love the idea of a double-knit hat though, it's like having two hats instead of one! I plan to play with this concept using one solid color and one handpainted color (big surprise I'm sure) . . . I'm thinking of all my odd skeins of Koigu and already sketching out ideas!

Of all the patterns in this edition of Twist, the one I think I'm most likely to knit is the Veronik Avery mitten pattern called Mitaines & Moufles:


I love the simple-yet-gorgeous patterning of the outer mittens and the idea of knitting two layers like this is just brilliant! I would knit the inner mitten in something really luxurious like cashmere, and the outer mitten in something sturdy that really shows off the stitch pattern and that could put up with the grime of the NYC subways . . . this one may just end up on the short list!

Among my other likes were Ysolda's dramatic gloves and Angela Hahn's Plaited Tam beret. And the little Rover stuffie by Jennie Eveleigh Lamond is super-cute, too!

In truth I don't have time to knit probably ANY of these patterns but I genuinely enjoyed browsing through them and letting them inspire me to my own design work. I'm about halfway done with the Chaya shawl sample and have started finalizing the pattern for the Vimioso Cowl . . . oh did I mention I decided on a name for that cabled cowl? More on that next time . . .

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