Proenza Pullover Inspiration

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One of the announcement lists I'm on sent this sweater in an email yesterday and I just had to post about it. It's by Proenza Schouler and totally sold out at Net-a-Porter (not that I would be in the market for a $1,300 sweater anyway so the sold-out status doesn't much matter to me!). I particularly like the lines on the top part of the yoke: the geometry and symmetry of them is quite appealing!

If you click through to the link on their site you'll be able to look at closeup pictures of the sweater. If you do that and you're a knitter like me, you may notice what I noticed: Seams! Click near where the raglan seams would be and you'll see that the sweater is, in fact, knit flat and seamed up. It totally ruins the zigzag lines on my favorite part of the sweater! I may just sketch out those zigzags and see if I can't figure out the right ratio to knit them in the round with a EZ-style shaped yoke . . . wouldn't it be so much nicer if the lines continued uninterrupted all the way around?

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December 09, 2009

wow, I can’t believe a $1,300 sweater sold out!! The design is awesome though, and I totally agree with you- it would look better without the obvious raglan/seam shaping. You’d think Schouler had never heard of a seamless yoke in the round! :P

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