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Thank you to everyone who bought patterns during the Help for Haiti drive! Because of you I've been able to donate another $130 to Doctors Without Borders!

Knitters rule!

In new knitting news, my BFF just announced that she's expecting a boy this summer and I couldn't be more excited if I tried! I'm already planning to knit an entire wardrobe for the bebe. Starting with this gem:

It's a pattern from Vintage Baby Knits, which I just picked up yesterday. I may end up knitting most of the gorgeous designs! They're all so cute. I'm making this one in traditional pale baby blue, out of cotton, in the newborn size, so the baby can wear it immediately. I also bought yarn for another project which I'll be knitting in a 18-month or 2-year size . . . but more on that later as that one will be my own design and a completely different concept/style.

For the last week or so I've been working mostly on my Koigu Scraps project and I've actually gotten almost to the end of the scraps pile. It turns out I have an exactly awful amount of scraps: too much for a shawl and way too little for a blanket. I decided I'll go for the blanket anyway and just keep adding to it as I collect more Koigu scraps . . . which we know I will continue to do until I die or the yarn is discontinued, whichever comes first! I'll try to get a daytime picture soon so you can see how much I've done since the last update . . .

Oh and I also knit a small shawlette which may become a pattern if I can work out a few small kinks. I took a few pictures of it yesterday but they didn't come out, more on that project later as well. This weekend I plan to work on the Vimioso cowl pattern (for real!) and work send out some submissions to IK. It's nice to finally get the knitting mojo back!

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February 05, 2010

Hopefully, there will always be Koigu :)
Glad to see you’re gettin’ your groove back.

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