Rethinking the colorway

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After working the first 3 sections of Babette with my new Cascade colorway I took a step back and had to admit that the whole thing was GROSS. There's something about yellow and brown in crochet that just screams 70's, and not in a good way. Sometimes you can't tell if you're going to like something until you start putting it together for real . . . the stack of colors looked marvelous together but the actual squares were not at all cute when worked up.

So back to Purl I went, with the intent to swap out both yellows and the lighter brown. I wasn't sure what I would switch them for but I knew I wanted to have more contrast between color tones and I wanted brighter colors in general for a more graphic effect. I also had already planned to re-organize the colors that I was keeping to make the whole blanket lighter/brighter than it was turning out. After elbowing my way through a VERY crowded Purl (it turned out they were having a customer appreciation party, I had no idea) I found two shades of green and an additional shade of pink and came straight home to start re-planning the blanket. Since I had no plans this weekend I pretty much just worked on the blanket . . . I have sections 1-6 finished already! That's half the blanket! Pictures next time . . .

For now I'll leave you with this, the first peony of the season!

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