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Long time no post! Sorry all! I've been swamped at my new job (did I mention I started a new job last month?) and have had a surprisingly busy social calendar recently, meaning most of my evenings are spent out with people instead of home knitting . . . which is so weird! I have been making some progress on a few projects though, and am getting ready to release a new pattern as well! Here's a sneak peek of that new pattern, which I'm calling City:

Can you tell what it is? No? Well that's the point! All will be revealed shortly, I promise. The pattern will include two versions, and I'm currently knitting the second one. And have already written the instructions! So it really is close to being done. Hopefully within the next few weeks.

And here's another sneak peek into the pattern I plan to release after City:

Not much detail in this one either, huh? I'll tell you what it is: a mitten! I have the first one completely finished and the second is about half done, but haven't even started on the pattern yet, so this one will not be out all that quickly. I love these mittens and have already started planning a second pair in a completely different colorway!

Both these designs are knit with St Denis Nordique yarn, which I absolutely adore. The hand is woolly yet soft, the color range is awesome, and each color is gorgeous and unique. Perfect for colorwork! I plan to come up with several colorways for each design and sell kits with the yarn. I'll take a picture of the Tower O' Nordique and share it soon, you may just choke . . .

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