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Posted on September 11, 2010 by knittingpatterns4you | 1 Comment

The Jewish new year was this past week and coincidentally, a major change in my life happened on that day: I got fired. That sounds worse than it actually was (I was going to give notice but they fired me instead) so please don't worry about me or feel bad, this is good news!

I have been planning to change careers for a while and now I'm just doing it sooner rather than later. I've been doing basically the same jack-of-all-trades office/operations manager job since I graduated from college and I'd reached a point where I needed to move up a level or focus on just one aspect of the job and go on from there. I've dabbled in website design and programming for years and over the last 4 or so years have felt pulled in that direction more and more . . . so I'm doing it!

I've been taking evening classes in Javascript and on Monday I start a programming internship with an awesome lifestyle magazine whose office happens to be only 2 subways stops away from my apartment. In preparation I've been reading all I can about Drupal and set up a site running it to get more familiar with the way it works. I feel like I'm back in college with all this reading! But thankfully the reading is all on my computer instead of in a textbook, which makes it particularly easy to knit while learning.

You didn't think this post would be completely devoid of knitting did you? I hope not!

Here's what I've been knitting while studying:

Yep, that's my Koigu Scraps Blanket. I finished the second strip and sewed the two together to see how it's turning out and I really like it! I also started on the third strip:

I like to work on mindless stockinette while reading because I never need to look down except when I'm adding a new color. My other WIPs are all fairly complicated right now so I had to put them aside and pick this up instead. Unfortunately I'm running out of Koigu scraps so I will probably have to find something else mindless to knit shortly . . . maybe some Koigu socks to create more scraps for the blanket? There's a thought . . .

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Anthea Benson
Anthea Benson

September 13, 2010

Wishing you all the very best in your new career, Ivette.

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