New Pattern: City Cowl and Infinity Scarf! And Kits!

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My latest design, City, is now available! This pattern includes instructions for both the cowl (shown above) and the infinity scarf (shown below) version of this garter stitch design. You use three colors and carry the yarn up the side to create an unusual woven edging instantly! I wanted to make something that was simple yet interesting at the same time, and everyone who knows me knows I'm nowhere near "over" cowls yet, so another cowl was a no-brainer for my next design.

While this design may seem easy when you look at it, it uses a provisional cast on as well as grafting, so it's a great project to learn those advanced techniques on. So you can challenge yourself at the beginning and the end, and then just chug through the garter stitch in between! Kind of the perfect combination in my opinion. I knit the cowl in less than a week!

This 2-in-one pattern is available for just $4! If you'd rather purchase through Ravelry, here's the Ravelry link.

What's this about kits?

I recently fell head-over-heels in love with St Denis Nordique yarn and it's 30+ gorgeous colors. In fact, I fell so hard for it that I opened a wholesale account at Classic Elite and bought a bag of every color!

What does this mean? You guessed it! I'm now selling kits! I've come up with four colorways inspired by New York City:

Madison Ave:
Madison Avenue
Olive, Navy, Eggshell

This is the original colorway I started with, and it's inspired by some of the colors that Missoni puts together. Hence the colorway's name!

Soft Yellow, Grey, Magenta

This one was inspired by a girl I saw walking down the street who had "hipster" written all over her . . . but in a good way.

Upper East Side:
Upper East Side
Winter White, Caramel, Espresso

I wanted a neutral colorway, and as soon as I swatched this one up it made me think of the ladies on the Upper East Side who dress in very classic and timeless outfits from brands like Burberry.

Lower East Side:
Lower East Side
Peacock, Grey, Sage

This one was inspired by graffiti art I saw online, and by the gorgeous Peacock shade of St Dennis Nordique!

Don't see a colorway you like? You can make your own colorway from the many awesome colors that Nordique offers. If you have a colorway idea in mind but don't want the responsibility of putting colors together online, feel free to order a kit with all-white yarn and send me an email asking me to choose colors for you!

I hope you enjoy my latest design, and let me know if you have any questions!

PS - Today is day one of NaBloPoMo (although I will never refer to it by those silly initials again). I'm taking the challenge this year, partly to get my blogging juices rolling again and partly to distract myself from my birthday in a few weeks. This is the first year I'm not super-excited for it . . . but I guess that makes sense considering I'm turning 30!! AHHH!

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