Vest nearly finished!

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Over the 4-day weekend I got a TON of knitting done on my vest design. You may notice from this (admittedly terrible) photo that the upper back has become significantly wider: that's because when I tried it on with the original modified racerback proportions, I realized that it led to a huge armhole that left way too much of the shoulder/upper chest exposed. So I ripped the back out (which of course required ripping out most of the work I'd done on the first front) and reknit it to a standard set-in sleeve width, then redid the front.

Here's a detail shot of the back and armhole, and you can see the neckline cable too. I'm loving the way this yarn looks in all the different textures of this design!

I've finished the right front and am working on the left front. I wasn't sure how much yarn I would use to finish this and I only have 3 skeins, so I finished the first front as small as I thought possible and moved onto the left front. Now that I'm almost done with the left front I know I have plenty of yarn left, so I'll be ripping out the ribbing on the right front to knit it a few inches longer. I'm getting really excited to start wearing this one! I also started working on sizing this . . . let's just say that'll be an interesting challenge. The good thing is it's a loose and flowy fit, so I don't need to offer as many sizes as I usually would for an adult garment . . .

Oh, and a huge THANK YOU to everyone who bought patterns during my Cyber Monday sale! Enjoy and happy knitting!

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November 30, 2010

It’s looking great!! I really love the yarn you chose, the colours are amazing, especially in the moss stitch section.

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