Falling in love with a design all over again

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As I mentioned a few days ago, I took advantage of Sunday's perfectly overcast weather to take some project photos outdoors. If you ever have trouble photographing your handknits (or anything really!), this is the secret that no one's shared with you: overcast days make for the best lighting!

The photo above was taken in seconds with absolutely no post-processing whatsoever (well other than cropping, but that hardly counts!). I can hardly believe it myself! The colors! The even lighting! The detail! The old photos of my Tramonto shawl were taken 6 years ago with a toy point-and-shoot so this design definitely deserved some new photography to go with it.

What I didn't expect, however, was to fall in love with this shawl all over again! But it totally happened: I keep coming back to look at the photos, examine the colors, look at the lace pattern . . . I'm mesmerized! In a way it makes sense because I'm so far removed from the actual creation of this now that it's become fresh and new in my eyes again . . . but on the other hand I've been looking at this thing for years and years, so the idea that it could look new to me is kind of hysterical.

Then I go back and look at the picture again and get all dazzled again:

I'm sure part of the draw is all those colors of Koigu . . . I used 22 skeins of Koigu in all for this design, and somehow I didn't get sick of the yarn! In fact I probably got even more addicted to Koigu while in the process of knitting this monster. And we all know I'm nowhere near done with my Koigu love affair!

If you're interested in the pattern for this shawl, it's available here or on Ravelry for $5.00. Oh and if you pass me on the streets of downtown Manhattan and I'm sweating under this shawl, be sure to say hi!


PS - Inspiration for the shawl-on-a-bench shot comes from Fuzzy Noodle Knits, who knit a truly stunning version of Tramonto back in 2006. Go check it out and tell her how gorgeous it is!

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