Gross weekend

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And I'm not referring to the weather. I came home from work on Saturday (we're on another tight deadline so working tons of hours!) to find that my bathroom sink had backed up and flooded the bathroom with nasty used water that refused to go back down the drain. The super came and worked on the clog for an hour but got nowhere.

At 4:30am on Sunday morning, I woke up to the soft "ping" sound of dripping water and found that the sink had flowed over again! It ended up happening three more times before the weekend was over.

Today while I was at work a real plumber came to deal with the problem and apparently it took them 4 hours to free the pipe. I can hardly process the idea of a clog that bad!

When I got home today I ran water down the drain and danced around giddily, thinking how one usually takes such small things for granted but how much it sucks when they go wrong. The vanity is totally ruined and hopefully the building will replace it, but even if they don't I won't complain ... as long as no more nasty water comes flooding in!

Needless to say, not much knitting got done this weekend. And my cable/Internet isn't installed yet, that's finally happening on wed! Will probably get more knitting done when I have weeks of bravo reality shows to catch up on ...

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