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As usual I'm a few days late to the party but I just checked out the new Knitty and there were several patterns I liked, so wanted to document them here.

First up is Laura Chau's newest offering, the Darrin vest/cardigan:

It doesn't surprise me at all that I so like yet another one of Laura's designs, I think I have liked almost everything she's done over the last few years! If I didn't already own a vesty-thing quite like this I would probably already be knitting this one. What a great everyday basic! It's the kind of pattern that's probably pretty boring to knit but that you'll wear so much it'll be known as your uniform . . .

My next favorite is the Morse Code mittens:

While I don't think the finished mittens are particularly attractive, I just love the idea of knitting a morse code message into them! I'm thinking that these would be more attractive if knit with one solid and one multicolor, and personally I would swap out the single-color ribbed cuff for something else (probably a turned hem). These would make a wonderful wedding present if you knit the couple's initials into the code! It reminds me of this monogrammed morse code cutting board I came across a few months ago that I still think is the ultimate wedding present for a couple who cooks.

But my absolute favorite pattern from this issue has to be the Heelix socks:

Not only are these seriously attractive, they're an incredible mental challenge! The socks start at the heels and then work out from there. This is a Cat Bhordi-level development in sock knitting IMHO, and I can't wait to try it. The design possibilities of starting with the heel are really exciting! I think these socks will make a big impact in the greater world of sock-knitting . . . I predict an influx of patterns designed with this construction over the next few months. You heard me say it first (maybe)!

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