Three more custom Loreley kit colorways at!

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If you're not interested in new colorways of Loreley Kits, then this post is going to be kind of boring for you again. I'm sorry about that.

For those of you in that category, I offer you this gorgeous (if I do say so myself) picture I took at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden instead:

Now for the Koigu!

You know I love playing with Koigu colors, and coming up with new kit colorways is probably way more fun for me than it should be. I have three new colorways available exclusively through Sandra Singh. New this week are:

Blue Green Sea



Cactus Garden

Like all Loreley Kits, these are completely unique and will never be repeated. Three kits of each colorway are available and when they're gone, they're gone! I didn't even record the color numbers as I put them together, so even if I wanted to I couldn't recreate them exactly.

So if you see a colorway you like, hop on over and grab a kit from Sandra!

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