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It's weird that even though I work for myself (and therefore don't have "weekends" or "weekdays"), Mondays still feel like Mondays. I guess after 30 years of living a Monday to Friday schedule, Mondays are deeply ingrained in the subconscious . . . I wonder how long it would take to unlearn that response? This line of thought makes me think of the episode of Downton Abbey where the Dowager Countess says "what's a 'week end'?" . . . I love her character! Such a great question.

Anyway, yesterday I felt like making cookies, but discovered I had no eggs in the house. I ended up Googling and then making up a recipe for eggless chocolate chip cookies, which resulted in these pretty-ugly things:

They taste nothing like real chocolate chip cookies, and the texture is more like a cake than a cookie, AND they need salt, but they're edible. In a way it's good that they didn't come out THAT good, or I probably would have eaten half the batch last night! This way I only eat one or two at a time ;o)

In other news, during the Super Bowl yesterday I finished the first Transitions sock and I totally love it! I didn't end up making it as long as I could have because I realized that there was a lot of plain blue at the end of the ball, and I didn't want to have a mostly-blue foot because I thought it might look like I ran out of yarn . . . so I turned the heel when I got to the "halfway" point of the color shading as opposed to going by weight. I'm really happy with how the sock looks! So much so that I immediately cast on for the second one (and that never ever happens).

Pattern-wise, I'm putting the finishing touches on the Ikat Mittens pattern and am hoping to release it by the end of this week . . . and after that I think I'll release a full garment, since I've been doing so many accessories lately. I have a really cute fitted v-neck vest in Madelinetosh Merino Light that I'm itching to show you guys . . . but I'm holding it out as a "carrot" to myself to get me to do all the other work that needs to be done first! I've been working on my willpower and self-motivation lately . . . it's still a work-in-progress, but getting better!

How about you, how's your Monday going? Is it making you introspective like it's done to me?

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