The new is live, and update on the stacks quilt

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I just finished switching everything over for the new website and it's all ready for shopping! Please hop on over and kick the tires a bit, and please let me know if you see anything wonky. I'm pretty happy with it and I hope you'll all like it too!

In stacks quilt news:

Yesterday was the final class at City Quilter and I got back to work on my stacks quilt. Here you see the blocks I've finished so far all layed out on the design wall (which even at the store isn't large enough for this queen sized quilt!):

I spent literally two hours cutting the blocks down to size. That wasn't fun at all, let me tell you. And to add insult to injury, I made a mistake on the very first block and cut it to 24" long instead of the planned 25", so ended up having to go with 24" for all of them. Oh well, 96" long is still plenty long for this giant quilt ;o)

The major news on this quilt is that I don't have enough charcoal gray to finish and the shop is totally out of stock. They could order more, of course, but the dye lot might not match. Where have I heard that before? *facepalm*

After much consideration and fabric inspection, I've decided to add in a grayish plum color (you can see it on the table in the front of this photo) in the remaining 4 blocks as well as the sashing. For the remaining blocks I'll be doing two thirds of the background in the plum and the last third in the charcoal, so that it blends in some. The empty spaces you see above is where those blocks will go. The plum will also be the 2" sashing between the blocks that form the "stacks." (it's actually up there in the photo but hard to see)

I think I'm pretty happy with this solution and while it's not the "ideal" I think I may end up with an even better finished product because of it. The added color in the background will add interest and make the quilt even more modern, and should also take away from some of the starkness of the design. One of the many lessons I've learned with this first quilt is that I have a tendancy to pick fabrics that all have the same saturation, so the end result can be a bit jarring. Something to work on!

Oh and if you're wondering, the other quilt is nearly done, just have to finish the binding:

This quilt will be known from now on as the "anthro quilt" after a girl at the shop said it looked like something Anthropologie would sell. I took that as a compliment =)

Oh and if you're wondering about the Sybil Sweater, yesterday we did the photo shoot! I'm waiting for Seth to get me the photos and then finishing the pattern is next on my to-do list.

That, and start running again. Seeing myself in those pictures has driven it home that I really have gained weight! Time to get it off so I can fit in my favorite jeans again.

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