New Freemans Alley & Loreley Scarf Kits in the shop

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I just finished updating the shop with a bunch of new kits! If you've been wanting to grab a Freemans Alley or Loreley Scarf kit, hop on over to the shop and check out the colors!

This time around I was inspired by the Spring weather to create some really fun, bright colorways. Here are some of my favorites:

For Freemans Alley:

Acid, which is totally on-trend for spring with its punches of bright, neon colors. I'd love to wear these with a all-neutral outfit, for just a pop of color!

Cotton Candy, which fits with the other big spring color trend, which is pastel, sweet colors. This color would also be perfect to whip up for your Easter outfit . . .

And of course, what update is complete without a blue-on-blue colorway? This one, Medium Blue, has so many shades of blue in it that it's pretty mesmerizing. Every time I pick up one of these kits I lose at least 10 minutes examining all the shades and tones in it!

And for Loreley Scarf kits, some of my favorites:

Talk about inspired by Spring! This colorway, which I've named Bouquet, has every color of flowers imaginable. I love all the tones of lavender, pink, and blue in this one.

I happened to have a bunch of speckle-y colors on hand, so thought it would be fun to do an all-speckle colorway. Since the speckles are the rare ones in Koigu, I knew this colorway would turn out very unusual! I've named this one Speckle Party, what do you think?

The last one I'm highlighting here does NOT fit the Spring theme. This colorway, which I've named Dark, was a response to all the requests I've received to make more dark colorways similar to the original color of the photographed Loreley scarf. So this one's for those of you who've been asking this question!

There are 8 colors of each kit up, so be sure to click through to check them all out as these are just a sneak peek! I hope you all like the new colors, happy shopping!

Oh and remember, shipping is free for US orders over $75! That means if you order two Loreley's, for example, the shipping is on me!

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