Introducing the first-ever Chiagu club: Koigu minis!

Posted on April 18, 2012 by knittingpatterns4you | 0 Comments

I've been hard at work planning for my first-ever club, and it's now ready to be announced! The Chiagu Koigu Mini-Skeins Club starts shipping next month, and signups open tomorrow, April 19th.

Basic club details:

Receive 6 mini-skeins of Koigu KPPPM in your mailbox automatically each month!

Each skein is approx 25 yards, so 6 skeins is almost as much yarn as one full skein of Koigu . . . but 6 times more fun!

The club is a monthly, with payments automatically through PayPal each month. So you can cancel anytime! And yes, international customers are welcome.

That's the basic premise of the club, and all the details are in the club FAQ page, please check it out!

I'm so excited to hear what you think of my first club!


Sign up for the Koigu Mini Skeins Club here!

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