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First off, thank you to everyone who signed up for the Koigu Mini-Skeins Club! There are still a few spots left if you still want in!

I've definitely been bitten by the fabric bug! Every shift at the store seems to yield yet another project I just can't wait to work on . . . here's what I made over the last few days:

First up, a laptop case for my Air, which was getting all scratched from being dragged around everywhere (which is totally the point of getting such a thin and light laptop!). I didn't use a pattern, just sort of thought about what I wanted and planned it out, and went from there. It turned out pretty much how I wanted!

And isn't this fabric just perfect for a laptop case!?!? It was in the sale section and I bought all that was left, about 2 yards. For the inside, I went with this crazy bright yellow and black stripy stuff, which I think goes really well with the outside print. Here's a better shot of the inside fabric:

Isn't that fabric cool too? I'm totally into it. The case still needs velcro for a closure but other than that it's totally finished. I have tons of these fabrics left and am thinking of making a few more of these cases and throwing them up on Etsy . . . what do you guys think?

Next up, I made a bigger version of that last purse:

I kept the basic concept but changed a LOT in this one. This purse is my "Pantone Spring 2012" purse, as all the solids were picked from the Pantone spring colors, which I totally love. This finished purse is much more usable for me in my everyday life because it's a bunch bigger and because I added a bunch of pockets: there's an outside zipper pocket on the back and a zipper pocket on the inside, along with the same 2 regular pockets from the original (although I made in them in a totally different way than the patter). And just look at the lining fabric!

It's a Kaffe print that had all the right colors in it and just drives me out of my mind with its beauty. I am psyched to be looking at this print everyday now!

The finished purse is really not perfect, in fact I think the first one was technically better than this second one, which is not the direction you want your crafting to go . . . but oh well, I will still use it even though it's a bit crooked and wonky. I've definitely learned that I need to be more patient when sewing than I am with knitting!

And speaking of knitting, all my sewing hasn't made me forget about knitting. Look at what else I made:

A Chiagu project bag!

Here it is with stuff inside:

I got this fabric from Spoonflower, of course, and designed it with the idea of having the Chiagu logo on the front and my "slogan" on the back, here's the back:

It's pretty great isn't it?? I had examined a few drawstring bags and sort of got the basic concept, but I've gotten a bit obsessed with not having visible seams so I wanted to do a completely reversible drawstring bag instead of the usual . . . and I figured it out, look!

That's the inside shot, and here it is turned inside out:

I'm so psyched about it! This one also isn't perfect, and if/when I make more I am definitely doing two drawstrings instead of one, but I'm excited that my idea panned out. It makes me want to try a bunch of other ideas I have too!

What about you, what have you been working on lately?

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