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It's amazing how losing a week to moving has made me fall so behind on everything. As of Monday I'm done moving things back and forth and now have a storage space literally full of yarn and fabric to visit every few days (will take a picture to show you later today). I miss my stash but it's also really nice to be able to have some visual space at home! My old apartment pretty much looked like a hoarder's . . .

Right now I have a few pressing deadlines I have to meet and it's stressing me out. The first one I absolutely cannot blow is for a design that got accepted into a major knit publication (can't tell you which one yet) and is due in about a week. I need to get it done and in the mail ASAP, so absolutely all "free" time will be devoted to this project and the sewing machine will stay put away so I don't have that distraction. But I know I can't knit for that many hours without injuring my hands, so I'm also working on the club.

There are so many steps to plan and coordinate to do a club!

Today I am starting to make the Koigu Minis, once I nail down the colorway that is. I'm pretty sure I know what direction I'm going to go in after a chat with some coworkers yesterday at the quilt store (did you know that most quilters also knit? It's awesome!), but when I get to the storage space and actually pull out the skeins I might change my mind. I have to really look at the colors together in daylight to be sure they're what I want them to be!

As I was working out the logistics of the club I got to wishing that I didn't have to waste so much material to ship to each person . . . and then I remembered the biodegradable shipping envelopes that Spoonflower uses and which I'd been so impressed by on my first order:

A package of these EcoEnclosure envelopes is on its way to me (well, to the storage unit) as we speak! Knowing that the envelope will completely biodegrade even if not thrown out properly makes me feel way better about putting that many shipments in the mail.

In addition to all the above, Knitty City just told me they need more Koigu kits so I need to make a trip up there to drop some off this week . . .

But just in case I find a few free minutes, I got the new issue of Quilt Sampler to flip through:

I kind of want to make that cover quilt. BAD. If only Quiltfolio were finished already and I could add it to my to-do list, sometimes just doing that satisfies the need to start a new project! I know you all know what I mean by that ;o)

Off to crank out some secret knitting! Hope you're feeling less frazzled than I am on this Wednesday morning!

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