No internet = falling even further behind.

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So my internet was supposed to be installed in the new place this past Monday, but a Verizon + Ivete screwup meant it didn't happen, and now I have to wait until Tuesday next week for internet. It's driving me nutty! It's amazing how much stuff requires an internet connection nowadays.

The one thing that does NOT require internet is knitting and sewing, so I've been doing a lot of that in my at-home time the last week. I can't show you the knitting as it's for a magazine (I got a pattern accepted into a big magazine! Woohoo!!), but I can tell you it's colorwork and it's in Koigu. In other words: it's awesome! It'll be out this winter and you can be sure I'll tell you all about it when it comes out!

In sewing news, I've been busy busy busy! I'm working on curtains for my new room, and this is the first one, almost finished except for the lining (excuse the awful iPhone photos):

And this past Saturday I took a class with Linda Hahn at the City Quilter, where we worked on her Junk to Jems quilt. These are the blocks I made in class:

They definitely aren't perfect and some of them are even ugly (in my opinion), but I learned a lot! The best part was learning about a new gadget, the Angler 2, which totally blew my mind. I'll definitely be doing a tutorial on how to use it in the near future, it's just amazing!

One of the above blocks has already been turned into a crate mat for Arnold! If you're interested in keeping up with my sewing/quilting, I'm blogging about it over on the Rose Smoke site, as that's the brand I'll be using for my sewn stuff once I start publishing those patterns. Add it to your RSS reader for all my sewing deets!

And in other news, Dave sent me flowers at work for absolutely no reason at all:

They put a huge smile on my face! And made all my coworkers super jealous!

Hehhehe, maybe that was the reason huh?


PS -- I will definitely be doing the knitalong for the Loida shawl, but not until I'm caught up on some other things. Stay tuned here or sign up for my mailing list to be the first to know when it starts!

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