When hobbies collide

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On Sunday Dave & I took a train up to Breakneck to do the mountain hike, and we enjoyed several hours of climbing, sweating, and gazing at stunning views like this one:

The weather was beautiful, the trail not overly populated, and we had a wonderful time spending the day together.

Unfortunately on our way down, I slipped and fell not once, not twice, but three times. Two out of those three times involved instinctively putting my hands down to catch myself, which made me hurt my right hand A LOT. Here's the evidence:

See that bruise up there? I had no idea you could even bruise a palm actually. But I'm here to tell you it's possible, and it hurts. Of course I didn't have an ice pack on me and we were still more than halfway up the mountain, so I couldn't do much about it immediately. I ended up climbing the rest of the way down with my right hand up in the air, trying to minimize the swelling. (yes I looked ridiculous)

This injury a big deal except for the fact that it prevents me from doing everything I like to do. Can't knit, can't wind yarn, can't cut fabric, can't embroider, I can't hardly even type! I'm writing this post in the hunt-and-peck style, using my left hand more than my right. Sucks.

So, there you have it. I've finally got my knitting mojo back and even have some new yarn to show you, but I literally can't do anything about it until this hand heals up. Sigh. And why does it always seem to be my right hand that gets hurt??? Hasn't it been through enough already??

Ok that's enough of this pity party, I'm off to the store to see how much work I can do with this injured hand . . . wish me luck!

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