Almost done unpacking

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The movers came to move me in on September 1st, leaving way more boxes than I remember actually packing (how does that happen?!?). Slowly but surely, I'm getting everything unpacked and put away.

What you see above is my bookshelf/desk unit (from Ikea of course, where else!), which is freshly refilled with all the fabric I own. They're not put away perfectly yet because I just wanted to get them out of the boxes, so they're pretty messy.

When I look at this thing the first thing I think is: how the hell did I amass so much fabric in such a short time? This volume of fabric is kind of ridiculous! I need to finish up some quilts ASAP.

Of course the next thought after "I need to finish up some quilts" is always "because there are new fabric collections out that I want to buy" . . . which succinctly explains how the "ridiculous quantity of fabric" problem comes from. Ahem.

As of yesterday, there are only 3 boxes left to unpack! And those are all winter clothing, which is why I purposely left them for last. Considering the sudden turn to Fall we've had this week though, I'd better get to those sooner rather than later. I had to wear a light jacket yesterday already . . . it's sweater weather for sure. My favorite!


PS - I see is starting to put ads in non-paid blogs, so I guess it's about time to move my blog. Again. Maybe that'll be a project for this coming weekend. Shouldn't affect anything from the reader's perspective though, don't worry!

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