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If you're reading this in an RSS reader, you may have seen a ton of old posts show up as "new" in your reader. I'm sorry about that, it's a side effect of having moved my blog from! It should only happen once and then you should be good to go with only new content in your reader.

2013 was a strange year for me. It feels like I've spent the last 6+ months frowning and worrying, and I'm honestly sick of it. I'm not sure how to change this but I know that recognizing the problem has got to be part of the solution. Right? 

In terms of knitting and crafting in general, 2013 was one of my least productive years. I think I finished maybe 4 knitted items this year, and only maybe 2 quilts. My crafting and hobbies/interests always behave cyclically like this, so I'm not too worried about the downturn, but I'd love it if I started being on a high point again with the creating. I'm always happier when I've got projects I'm working on!

Speaking of which, in the last week or so I've done more knitting than I have in months. Both were "necessity" knits: a new hat for me and a new sweater for Arnold. Here are instgrams of each:

I'll try to write about each in the next few days. I know I've been a terrible blogger recently, but I do post on Facebook and Instagram a bunch. If you miss hearing from me, why not join me over there?

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